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This Page Has Moved (Weight Watchers Vegetable Recipes)

Hello, Weight Watchers and vegetable lovers!
This page has moved, formatted to make pages load faster.

Please visit the new page:

<< Weight Watchers Vegetable Recipes >>

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Wow! I was looking for a few weight wathcher recipes on line and found your site. Thank you for so many low point choices!

I found your site info on the WW Core Board.Thank you for your time and effort of getting the much needed information to those of us who need ideas for our Veggies.

I was looking for a certain WW recipe when I came across your site!! Now I will visit quite frequently because you have so many choices at the click of the button!!! Thanks a bunch.

Hi Anonymous ~ Thank you SO MUCH for taking a moment to write, it's notes like yours that really inspire me to keep going, for sure. I hope you find many recipes that make YOUR day! AK

Hi, I just found this site and I am desperate for new receipes, seems so hard for me to get this weight off, please send some good receipes for the oven and crock pot.

Also any good exercises I have a big posterior, and a wedding coming up in Oct. Thank You for your help

Carol @

I just really wanted to say thank you for such a fantastic and comprehensive site. I'll be back again and again!

WOW! Thanks so much for the amazing recipes. Keep this up and I'll keep checking for new ideas!!

Thank you soooo much for your site. I just started WW and love to cook. Your sight makes eating right a feesible option!

Hi, your recipes on this site blew me away, what choices.............I am really anxious to start trying some.
I was on WW years ago before the Point System. Can you tell me how many points I should be counting to lose 25 lbs?

Hi Anonymous ~ Thanks for the kind words, if you like vegetables, or "ha -- WANT to like vegetables" -- yes, you'll find many choices on A Veggie Venture.

May I suggest that you rejoin Weight Watchers? I think you'll find it a revelation and that counting points will help you drop those 25 pounds on no time. How many points you're "allowed" each day is dependent on your current weight, how much exercise you get and more. Getting back into the WW routine will help you keep the pounds off, teaching you a healthy way to maintain a healthy weight for a lifetime, not just during a 'diet' period.

once again I am about to try to change my diet for good (in all meanings of the word) and was delighted to find this component of your blog.

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