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This Page Has Moved (Alphabet of Vegetables)

Hello, Vegetable Lover!
A Veggie Venture's famous ALPHABET of VEGETABLES has moved, formatted to make pages load faster.

Please see the brand-new Alphabet of Vegetables.


For someone who grew up with corn, green beans, and broccoli (rotated on my dinner plate every three days, with an occasional asparagus or cooked carrots thrown in), your alphabet of veggies is mighty impressive! And I'm shocked to see the number I've never heard of before (Amaranth? I think I have to go out right now and try to find it!)
Thanks Alanna!! Great resource!
Ann A
Red Wine Book Club

What a fabulous job you've done on this. I'll be back often, and of course I'd like to win a free cookbook. My favorite vegetable is probably asparagus, although there are a few others that would be a close second. One vegetable that I've eaten but not cooked is fennel (aren't you shocked?) Must get on that one. And I do hope that Freddie will enter!

BTW, laughing here about how family and friends don't leave comments. That's completely true for me too.

Wow, what a fabulous idea (says the sister). Hi, Red Wine Book Club!

Looks like I better get browsing and shopping and cooking!

For posterity: When the redesigned Alphabet of Vegetables was introduced in 2007, readers were enticed by a cookbook giveaway to leave comments about their favorite vegetables.

This is wonderful! My favorite vegetable is a tough thing to decide sometimes it is zucchini, others it is a pepper of some sort, roasted red peppers are a favorite, and sometimes it is asparagus or corn. I just love them all!

My least favorite vegetable is bittermelon. ICK!

I have never tried Miso but I would like to. I don't know if it is considered a vegetable but it is on the list and I intend to buy some next grocery day.

The only thing that gets in the way of eating more vegetables is expense and availability. I live in NL and some veggies are just not available here and some are really expensive. I would love to have a garden to grow my own.

You said to chose my least favourite vegetable - well, I did -and you don't even have it oisted. Could it be YOUR least favourite too? I refer to the dreaded PARSNIP!!'

VTMNLDY ~ Your body must have created some sort of involuntary defense mechanism for if you check closely, in the P section, right between Parsley Root & Pattypan Squash, there it is, the Parships. There is one vegetable that I'm not fond of. Anyone care to give a guess?

My favorite vegetable – So many. So hard to pick. Broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes.

My least favorite – Corn

A vegetable I have never tried – Chayote

What prevents me from eating more vegetables – My husband who is a creature of habit and wants meat, corn and peas—every night. Yuck!


My favorite is sweet potatoes.

I've already picked a sweet potato recipe. Mom and I are going to cook it next weekend.

GH from Texas

A is for astonishing! Astounding! Amazing! Way to go, Alanna!

This is the best thing since sliced bread! I love vegetables and you have provided a very handy and useful index to just about everyone. I shall have to find something that I have not tried, give it a go and the hardest part of all is finding a vegetable that I do not like. But, I shall try, the competetive fire has been lit!

Gosh, this is fun! My husband and I cook together and we both love vegetables. But he is watching television so I will give my likes and dislikes.
Hard to pick a favorite. Broccoli, I guess.
Least favorite is mentioned by other bloggers-parsnips.
I have never eaten rutabagas, but I just bought some new starts, so this summer we will have our own to try.
A few months ago we were introduced to pablano peppers stuffed with cheese and baked-delicious.

What a nice resource!

Choosing a favorite vegetable is tough. A while ago, I would have said butternut squash, but I've made so many roasted butternut squash soups lately that I'm getting a little bit tired of it, so I think I'll go with sugar snap peas.

Least favorite: Endive, I think.

One I'd like to try: Tomatillos. They had them at my local farmer's market last summer, but I didn't end up buying any because I wasn't sure what to do with them. Maybe I'll try some this year -- it's encouraging to see that you like them. Do you think they'd be okay served raw in salad?

What gets in the way of serving veggies: We eat lots of vegetables, but sometimes I feel inhibited from trying new ones. Mostly it's because certain specific vegetables seem difficult to deal with, either because they're very dirty, or because they're hard and have tough peels. One vegetable that I've often thought of trying but always been a little bit frightened by is celeriac. It looks like it's covered in armor!

Great job indeed! :)
Favorite: Corn - I could eat huge amounts! Also very fond of fresh or frozen fava beans, and potatoes!

Least favorite: Anything bitter, like chicory. Also I really don't like aubergine too much. Or beans, in general. I should try to experiment more with them.

Like to try: Jicama! I've never seen it, either. And I'd have no idea what to do with it.

Gets in the way of veggies - I honestly am not sure. Sometimes, the price, absolutely. Also, that so much of the exciting stuff is imported, and I try to think about buying locally. (Which means less choice.) And definitely lack of inspiration to try new things - which is why food blogs and cook books are so great :)

I love almost all vegetables (except the appallingly high number of ones I didn't recognize on your list, which if I ever see, I will buy to try.....). As long as meatloaf is not a vegetable, I don't think there are any I don't like. My favorites are asparagus and red peppers (and canned grean beans, of course!)

A new cookbook for Jim would be great!

Red Wine Book Club

and I do know that the correct spelling is green......

My Favorite Vegetable is Asparagus fresh from the garden.Least fav has to be Beets I guess, although I like them pickled.I have never cooked Artichokes--must try.Hardest thing for me to get Veg to the table is Timing,I want them to be a little srispy with good colour.I enjoy new recipes.
Mary O'R.

Great site :) current fave is fennel (aka anise). I have probably a 100 uses for it! Fennel is great sliced raw with other veggies 'n dip; crisp in salad or 'slaw; wonderful in soups and stews, esp. Italian veggie soups. Fennel holds up well even after long cooking. The bulb has a lovely faint licorice/anise flavour; fronds can be added to soup stock, salad dressing. One of the best uses is caramelized with radicchio (really), garlic,green onions, then tossed with hot pasta and walnuts. Yummy and vegan.

I love Beets and it's leaves in shape or form!!

I do not like Bitter melons in any shape or form but I do cook that for my hubby who loves it!

Never heard of some veggies here but love to try anything once.I would love to try Finocchio, a funny name for a veg ,no idea how it looks or tastes!!!

Great info about these Alanna,thanks:)

Oops!! Just found out that Finocchio is Fennel!!I have seen it,use fennel seeds in cooking but never cooked fresh fennel though.Got to try now:))

the lure of a prize finally got a serious lurker like me to comment... I love going through your site for meal inspirations.
Your favorite vegetable.
My favourite vegetable just has to be the potato. A vegetable i have never tried would be kale leaves and artichokes. Just read so many recipes for these two vegetables but am not sure if i can get them here in India.
the hardest thing about getting vegetarian food on the table is when cooking them Indian style. I have always found cooking indian food to be to rigid with the spices thrown in the pot in an exact order and at an exact time.

Allana,I think its a great Idea. My favourite vegetable is cluster beans and the least favourite being edamame , though I'd like to try Swiss Chards

Hi. I like to eat whatever veggies are in season. I think I like late summer best, though: sweet corn, tomatoes (really a fruit, I know), zucchini, green beans, sweet peppers, cucumbers...yum! I'm not a big fan of escarole and endive, they're so bitter. I would like to try Jerusalam artichokes and celery root.

I like to cook vegetables, but I have trouble with salads. I get bored and have trouble figuring out new combinations that taste good without having too much dressing or nuts or cheese.

Maybe you don't like Lima beans? There are no recipes for them.

favorite vegetable -- Corn

least favorite vegetable -- Cucumber

Never tried but want to -- broccoli rabe

Why don't eat more veggies? --
1. lack of skill/knowledge/understanding on what to do - for example what on earth is the easiest way to peel beets????
2. inconsistent results - i have had fabulous sweet roasted beets but the last few times i tried them they were no good - too discouraged to try again

I think this was a great help! I shall be trying some of these vegetables! There was one bad thing though... a tomatoe is a fruit not a vegetable. Many people think it is a vegetable but in fact it isn't.

Hi Anonymous ~ Thanks for stopping by, I'm glad you like the A - Z. You'll learn that I've got a most liberal view of 'vegetables', that includes tomatoes (which mostly, we 'eat' as vegetables even though yes, of course, anatomically tomatoes are fruit) and desserts! It makes the site a lot more useful and a whole lot more fun!

wat about pak chow, brussell sprouts and callaloo etc. this thing left off a few

Hi Anonymous ~ 'Pac choi' is also called 'Chinese cabbage' (and it's listed). Brussels sprouts are definitely on the list, they're one of my very favorites. Callaloo is also called amaranth, it's also listed.

I love this blog and it is definitely tempting me to try some new veggies I've never tried before. Now, if there was only a "Fruit Evangelist" out here in cyberspace somewhere too. :-)

Patty ~ Oh good, vegetable temptations! I don't know if it's enough to qualify as an 'evangelizer' but have you seen this One-Point Fruit Servings for Weight Watchers? Tis a start!!

There must be vegetables that begin with the letters "I" and "U"...

Beetroot???? I love it so put it on your list!! And chillis!!

This Alphabet of Vegs page is my favorite first place to look when I start searching for a new way to cook something (today it's Okra...enough with frying!). But I really had to protest when I noticed the disparagement of Parsnips up above in the Comments. Please, try D.Madison's Parsnip Gallette before you give up on Parsnips! A fabulous dish.

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