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Recipes for a Stovetop Smoker

Smoked Potates - click photo for recipeIn 2007 I became the unexpected owner of a stovetop smoker. Apparently, that's what happens when you ask the right person for smoked trout -- you come home with a Camerons stovetop smoker. So far, I'm mostly using it to smoke trout (delicious!), smoked scallops (my favorite!) and smoked shrimp, but am slowly adding vegetables, too. What impresses me most about the smoker is that no fat is required to achieve great flavor, making a stovetop smoker a great addition to any health-oriented kitchen. Since there are so few recipes available online for the Camerons stove-top smoker, I'll collect my own few, here. ~ Alanna

Arugula Salad with Smoked Trout & Peach Preserve Dressing 10min/10min
Smoked Potatoes 5min/50min – WW1 - NetCarb16
Smoked Scallops with Zucchini Ribbons 20min/30min – WW2 - NetCarb6

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Thanks for inspiring me to dig out my Cameron smoker. Although I don't use it that often, I love the food it produces. You should definitely give smoked mussels a try. They are out of this world!

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