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Recipes for a Benriner (Japanese Mandoline or Mandolin)

How & Why to Use a Benriner - click to readThis section features vegetables sliced with a Benriner, also called a V Slicer or Japanese mandoline or mandolin. It reinvents vegetables, transforming them into perfectly thin and perfectly even slices.

I use it so often and am happy to share my own Benriner tips. Truth be told, I'd use it even more often if I weren't writing this blog and understand that not everyone has (or wants) one. ~ Alanna

How (and Why!) to Use a Benriner (Japanese Mandoline / Mandolin)

Pan-Pickled Beets How a Benriner achieves two of my four tips to eat more vegetables!

Beet Carpaccio 15min/15min – WW2 - NetCarb9
Carrot Coins with Dill 15min/15min – WW1
Celeriac Rémoulade 25min/25min – WW4 - NetCarb9
Celeriac Slaw 10min/10min – WW1 - NetCarb11
Cucumbers in Vinegar 20min/2hrs – WW0 - NetCarb3
Fennel & Blood Orange Salad 25min/25min - WW1 - NetCarb8
Quick-Cook Kohlrabi 15min/15min – WW1 - NetCarb3
Pan-Pickled Beets 10min/30min – WW1 - NetCarb9
Scalloped Potato & Apple 20min/65min – WW3 - NetCarb31
Zucchini & Carrot Ribbons 10min/20min - WW1 - NetCarb6
Zucchini Carpaccio 15min/15min – WW1 - NetCarb3

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